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Can I visit my cask?

Of course! If you’d like to visit your cask in Scotland, we can arrange a visit to the warehouse where your cask is stored. Please keep in mind that warehouses are not visitor centres, so it may not be possible at all times. It’s recommended to schedule in advance and confirm its availability.

What happens if there is damage to my cask?

This is precisely why we have asset insurance! The casks are insured by major UK insurance companies against any damage and theft, based on the last cask valuation

Can I taste or use my whisky?

Absolutely! The whisky cask is yours for any purpose. You can request a sample or a bottle from your cask at any time.

How can I ensure that the cask truly belongs to me?

The purchase of the cask is made directly with authorized entities in the UK, and they will issue a certificate of ownership in your name, making you the exclusive owner of the asset.

Can the value of whisky go down?

In the world of investments, anything can happen, and it’s a part of the risks involved. However, we are dedicated to risk management, and to date, we have not encountered a decrease in the value of whisky casks held by our clients.

How do I know the value of the cask over the years?

Once a year, a professional assessment of the cask’s market value is conducted by experts in the UK. Following this assessment, you will receive an annual report that includes an outlook on the state of the whisky market, an up-to-date valuation of your assets, and a strategic assessment by your portfolio manager.

How long does it take to sell a whisky cask?

A whisky cask is not a stock, so the sale process is not as simple as a button click; it’s a tangible asset (similar to real estate). We use our network to sell the cask according to your preferences. Based on our experience, cask sales usually take no more than a few weeks (typically a matter of a few days). At MyWhisky, we only collect our fee after a successful cask sale, and we put in our best efforts to ensure an efficient and profitable sale.

Where are my whisky casks stored?

Our customers’ casks are stored in authorized warehouses throughout Scotland, certified by the Scottish Alcohol Authority. Warehouse staff maintain optimal storage conditions and regularly inspect and ensure the health of all casks.

Can whisky casks spoil?

For a spirit like whisky, which contains at least 40% alcohol by volume, spoilage is extremely rare and nearly impossible. In most of the cases where casks of whisky have been spoiled, they were exceptionally old (around 50 years old).

What is the ``Angel's Share``?

The “Angel’s Share” refers to the natural evaporation that occurs in whisky casks over time. Like any liquid, a portion of the whisky in the cask gradually evaporates (an average of 2% per year from the current content of the cask). However, our valuations and profit projections of the casks take this evaporation into account, as it is a common occurrence in all casks in the market.

What are the advantages of MyWhisky?

Our advantages are reflected throughout the entire investment process, starting with finding the right cask for you with the potential for maximum value appreciation at a lower market price. We provide ongoing management and comprehensive support over the years. Additionally, we sell the asset at the end of the process according to your preferences to maximize profits.

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