Step By Step

How does it work?

First Step

Needs Assessment and Customization Meeting

A meeting with our portfolio manager who will define the investment profile that suits you based on your budget, desired risk levels, preferred investment duration, and more.

תמונות צוות

Second Step

Tailoring the asset to the customer’s needs based on the characterization we made during the needs assessment meeting.

חביות וויסקי

Third Step

Money transfers abroad and the issuance of a sales certificate and ownership certificates for the cask, all under our professional guidance.

תמונות צוות - כוסות וויסקי

Fourth step

Ongoing management by our team of experts, including asset insurance, comprehensive periodic checks, and annual reports based on up-to-date valuations.

תמונות צוות

Final Step

We will take care of the cask’s sale for the client, either according to the client’s preferences or based
on our expert recommendations. We handle the sale process until the moment the client sees
the profits in their account. Our profit is derived from your profit,
ensuring that your profit is maximized.

חביות וויסקי במחסן חביות

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