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Your path to diversify Your investment portfolio with tangible
alternative asset that time determines its value

אייקון של חבית וויסקי שוכבת

Why Invest in whisky?

Whisky Investing is an investment in a tangible alternative asset that improves with time and has a high-profit potential.

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Stable Market
The Whisky market has existed for hundreds of years with very few crises. In the past decades, we’ve witnessed steady and aggressive growth, with no signs of this growth slowing down.
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Limited whisky production
The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency(SEPA) has defined a limit on the number of litres of water that can be drawn in a year for whisky production, leading to limited supply in the market despite a consistent increase in demand over the last decades.
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Regulated market
The Scottish whisky market is regulated by the UK Tax Authority and the Alcohol Authority, and the regulation in this field is comprehensive and very strict, requiring compliance with stringent standards, which protects market participants from various scams.
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Insured Asset
All whisky casks managed under MyWhisky are insured against any physical damage up to 100% of their current value.
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Full ownership of tangible asset
At the time of purchase, the investor receives a legally valid certificate that makes them the sole owner of the property according to the serial number of the cask.
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Alternative investment
The whisky market has proven itself to be uncorrelated with financial markets and has demonstrated stability even during economic crises, making it a risk diversification option for other investments.

We’re committed to your success

Our experts will handle everything for you from A to Z

Customized asset management

One of our portfolio managers will build your investment portfolio according to your needs and goals, taking into account your budget, plans, preferences & risk tolerance

Ownership transfers and insurance

Our team will take care of the entire process, from matching the cask to transferring the cask ownership to you and insuring it based on its up to date value


The professional team at MyWhisky will provide ongoing care and monitoring of your cask, including issuing an annual report with an updated valuation.

Selling the asset
for you

Our priority is to handle the sale of your asset in a manner that maximises both profit and efficiency. We will only charge our commission when the profits exceed the predetermined hurdle rate, ensuring that your financial goals are met.

15M +
Assets Value

About investing with Mywhisky

Whisky warehouses in Scotland

Here the barrels are stored

Briefly about us…

MyWhisky makes whiskey barrel investments accessible, offering rare options at attractive prices. We provide comprehensive support, from initial guidance to secure storage in Scotland. Annual reports, regular updates, and end-of-term sales are all part of our service. Our partnerships with authorized entities in Great Britain make whisky investment accessible to the general public, allowing investors to reap profitable returns. With MyWhisky, you can diversify your investment portfolio while exploring the world of whisky investment.


Invest in whisky barrels, Join hundreds of investors and make profits!